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Are you in the Illuminati? With everything you know, how do we know you're not in it?

The last thing the Illuminati wants you to know is the truth about them. They're called a secret society, not because they
need their existence to be kept a secret (though they prefer it), but they want their plans, the evil they've done and such
kept a secret. That is why they have killed, framed, or ruined the careers of so many famous people who not only stood
in their ways, but who tried so hard to expose these people. So basically, if we were famous, we'd probably be their next
target in some way.

How do you know so much about the Illuminati?

This information is out there, so in word: research.

What can we do to make a change?

The biggest weapon the Illuminati has is us. They control us with their propaganda, their distractions, literally dumbing us
down with a poor educational system, with vaccines, and other things of that sort. In the end, we are going to be
accepting those microchips thinking it’ll protect us from “terrorists” etc, we’ll be the ones agreeing to these things.
But if we raise awareness and everyone knows what is going on behind the scenes, then they don’t have their greatest
weapon. We greatly outnumber them, in a ratio of billions to only a few elite. Raising awareness will take awhile, but if
everyone who has knowledge about them, like you and I, does their part, then hopefully we can get there.

How do you know raising awareness will be enough? Isn't it kind of pathetic?

If someone in your family died, and you cried, visited their grave, prayed for them etc
Does that bring them back from the dead? No. Does that mean we should stop having funerals and honoring them? No.
If you do something horrible to someone, does that mean you shouldn't apologize, because "it does nothing, changes
Awareness does so much, it is the first step. How would we know what to fight, if we don't know what we're fighting.
Maybe this blog will reach someone who has is a body gaurd for one of these people. Maybe they'll leak information.
Maybe this blog will show someone in the Illuminati that what they'e doing is wrong, that they're being selfish, maybe
they'll change their mind and stand up to the rest. You never know. Just because some of us people with occupations like
students, etc don't have the oppurtunity, doesn't mean we can't do anything. We keep talking about it eventually
something good will come out of it. If it doesn't then... God didn't want it to happen.
Even in that case, intentions are what count. We don't run this blog only so that we can make a change, but
also for Gods sake. With our good intentions, He'll reward us in the world that really matters.

How can one join the Illuminati?

To be apart of the elite elite, the ones really in power, you have to be born into it, and have their bloodline. For example, Obama
is distant cousins to George W. Bush. That’s why they only marry within the family. To be a disposable musical
or acting puppet, they either find you after you’ve reached some success, and ask you to join them. If you say yes, you
sign a contract you can never break. You do everything they tell you, if you don’t, you pay. Sometimes they get little
kids, usually girls, at a young age and start Monarch Programming aka Mk Ultra on them. This horrid process creates an alter
personality which is easier to control. It is basically a process of torturing the victim until they lose touch with
reality, and an alter is born. It’s named after the monarch butterfly, because of the metamorphosis that takes place; at
first it’s a cocoon, and then it turns into a butterfly. Same results are shown after the programming is finished, a new
person is born. Some of these artists have well known alter egos, like Eminem's Slim Shady, Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce, or Stefani Germanotta’s
Lady Gaga etc. Some famous sex symbols under their control include: Marylin Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, and Megan Fox.
Others are used in the music industry, usually are given to the Illuminati by their family for money. Some of the artists
include, but not limited to: Beyoncé Knowles, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga (though there is debate whether or
not Gaga was programmed from an early age). Sometimes boys are programmed to become assassins, sometimes men.
Famous people like the Kennedy family were assassinated by people under hypnosis.

What does Disney have to do with anything?

It has got to do with everything. Walt Disney is a 33rd degree freemason.
And if you understand how subliminal messaging works then you would know why it’s important. Watch this video for more information.

Do famous people say they love god as an act?

Yes, it is an act if they say "Jesus" or if they say they are Chrisitan, Jewish etc. But if they say "Thank you God",
that doesn't necessarily mean the God you and others worship. The God they're referring to, could be Satan, or pagan Gods.
For celebrities that are programmed: "The front alters can be wonderful Christians, and the
deeper alters can be the worst type of Satanic monster imaginable.
" Source

Apparently religion is used as a tool to control people. Do you believe this is somewhat true?

Depends what religion you’re talking about. If you’re talking about ones that are popular then, I don’t think so. A lot of their
subliminal messaging attack religion, so no, religion isn’t necessarily a way to control people. That’s what they want you
to believe. There’s things they don’t teach in school, especially on the subject philosophy and science, that prove there
could indeed be a master creator. They push beliefs which don’t believe in a creator like atheism, gnosticism, in most of
their products; shows, music, etc.
I’m guessing because usually Abrahamic religions talk about or predict what is happening, mention Satan, or mention the
fact that black magick (what Illuminati use) to be real, and if you follow these religions it’ll be easy for you to accept the
fact that there could be secret societies. But on the other hand if you’re an Athiest, you might find these things harder
to believe. Most religions teach love, unity, peace, and their main goal is to literally divide and conquer.

Does anyone have an idea of who the 13 families are?

The 13 Satanic family bloodlines are here. Some of the most powerful ones include the Rothschild
and Rockefeller, which Jay-Z is involved in btw.
They control the world banking/finance system, the government, major corporations,
secret societies, the royal family, etc.

How do you know so much about what they supposedly are planning to do?

They did the same for 9-11, always foretelling their major events. Why? To show how powerful they are to those who notice,
and they do this because they’re confident barely anyone would notice, with most of the public asleep. And because
they’re not God, they have flaws. They are restricted even when using magick, so their rituals usually have the same themes,
follow the same patterns, and anyone can spot a pattern, and guess what comes next.

Which artists are puppets and which are against them?

See here for a list of puppets and those against them.

Are you a free mason because you have that symbol in the
bottom left corner?

No - it’s just there to represent what this blog is about. We want people to remember that symbol,
so if they see it in their everyday lives, they’ll know where it came from, and what it really means.

"Jesus will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left." - Matthew 25:31-46

Have you done your own research, or are you repeating what others have said?
Because I keep saying the same information "being passed through the same circles with little to no variation"?

Not only do we give our own evidence, but we ask our followers to go and search it for themselves. To notice these
patterns and connect the dots. This isn’t rocket science, we haven’t discovered a new technology, it takes anyone with
half a brain to realize these things. It doesn’t take long to take a dollar bill out of your wallet, and google the history of
the seals on there and their meanings. One of the most obvious clues that something is going on, is that the people
suspected of being in the elite, have confirmed it themselves. What more proof does one need? I, myself have known
about them for 6 years. Of course, I’d be doing research meanwhile. We do analyze things on our own, for example our
analysis on Linkin Parks new music video, using not only the most popular sources, but simple things anyone can find.
We didn’t find those conclusions anywhere on the web. And sometimes we do use the same sources when answering
questions, because we trust them. If it happens that they not only give credible information that goes with all the
research we’ve done, that it is in good quality, easy to understand, and interesting, why wouldn’t we use it?

Why would they ruin celebrity's names AFTER messages of love and hope have been put forth? But their deaths have only
strengthened their visions. So why doesnt the Illuminati do something before the message is sent?

Because they have flaws, restrictions, they’re not Gods. They’re humans like us, and aren’t perfect. They have tried killing
Micheal before June 25th, 2009 but were unsuccessful. Sometimes they wait to kill these people on special dates,
according to their numerology because it’s part of their rituals. Sacrificing someone everyone loves, on a special date, is
something they love doing. Maybe they want us to know that they can kill anyone who wants to stop them? The
possibilities are endless of why that happens. But the most reasonable is because they’re not teleporting Gods, that will
kill someone whenever they even have the intention of betraying them. And yes, their visions might have gained some
strength but only to those who know they were murdered. Most people are unaware of what’s going on, most people
think Lincoln died because he wanted to end slavery. But no, he died because he wanted to end the Federal Reserve.
Their visions haven’t been strengthened enough, and only will if people wake up and realize the real reasons
these people died.

Seek the truth.-M.E (Media Exposed)