The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

Conversation between Michael Jackson and his friend Dick Gregory
Gregory: When was the last time you ate?
Michael: They're trying to poison me.
Gregory: When was the last time you drank water?
Michael: They're trying to kill me.
-June 23rd, 2005 (The first time they tried to kill him)

This is the Imposter who announced the “This is It” tour. No one knows exactly why he was used. Maybe it’s because they killed him before June 25th, and only announced it then, so the ritual would work.

Look closely at:

  • His Mannerisms 
  • His Voice and Accent
  • The way he keeps touching and adjusting the Microphone, as if he has no idea what to do with it or where it should be
  • His hands
  • His walk
  • His Chin
  • His Smile
  • His Hair
  • They way he barely speaks and when he does only says certain words again and again, ‘This is it, this really is it’
  • The way he keeps his head down and keeps moving around all the time
  • The fact that he only actually speaks for a maximum of 10 seconds.
Latoya Jackson talking about who was really behind her brothers death; the Illuminati.
Interviewer: Who did it?
Latoya: There's quite a few involved. The doctor that you're looking at, he was the fall guy.
Interviewer: So there are people in the background, pulling strings?
Latoya: Absolutely.

Illuminati killed Michael Jackson

Did you know that…

The first time they tried to kill Michael Jackson was June 25th, 2005?

It was during his 2nd trial, which ended June 13th, 2005. His parents called Dick Gregory, who was a very good friend of Michael. They asked him if he could visit Michael because he wasn’t feeling well. Then a few days after the trial has ended, Gregory went back to Neverland with Michael. Michael hugged him and said, “Please don’t leave me. They’re trying to kill me.” Gregory then asked Michael when was the last time he ate. Michael replied, “They’re trying to poison me”. He then asked when was the last time he drank water, and Michael repeated “They’re trying to kill me.” Gregory then drove to a small hospital, about 10 miles away from Neverland without announcing that he was coming. Michael was given fluids to hydrate him from 5:30 in the evening until 5:30 in the morning the next day for 24 hours straight. The doctor said, “12 more hours, and he would have been dead.” He was that dehydrated. 

From this, we can see that an attempt was made to kill Michael back in June too. Notice how it is the same month he was killed, again proving that the Illuminati is so precise with their numerology. However, they failed, and after much planning they decided to use someone Michael would trust - his doctor, Conrad Murray.

Jermaine Jackson talks about the conspiracy regarding his brothers death

Latoya Jackson talking about Michael’s death, and how it wasn’t an accident.

Michael Jackson (Blood+Solstice Sacrifice)
  • Michael Jackson died 3 days before Summer Solstice.
  • Michael Jackson died June 25th, 2009. He was planned to be killed June 25th, 2005 also.
  • 3 days exactly after the summer solstice is a big date, not only cause 3 is a meaningful number in the occult and the spiritual, but because exactly 3 1/2 years from that day will be December 25th 2012. (Michael warned about the 2012 conspiracy.)
  • Michael Jackson’s name has meaning and they decided to kill a Michael at the beginning of their ultimate rebellion against the God. (Source)
  • The Jackson family agreed to blood sacrifice him for benefits of the estate, money, and higher up fame.
  • For the span of 8 years, Michael Jackson made more money off sales, benefiting the Jackson estate, after he died.
  • Michael constantly told close ones, he was going to die soon, and that they were going to kill him.
  • La Toya Jackson was the only openly speaking out about her brother’s murder, while everyone else in the Jackson family didn’t say anything, because she was left out from the blood sacrifice.
  • They knew that if he died, he would die as a legend, and more money will come in. It was a planned sacrifice, event.
  • Michael Jackson was most likely given lethal injection.
  • Dr. Conrad Murray was used as the fall guy.
2:26 PM - Michael Jackson is pronounced dead

At this exact moment, 2 years ago, Michael Jackson was supposedly “dead’. (4:26 central time, 5:26 eastern time) R.I.P

The news reports involving the way Michael died, really made no sense. 

His personal physician, Conrad Murray, said he found Jackson in his room, not breathing, but with a faint pulse, and that he administered CPR to no avail. The Dr. did CPR on Michael on a bed which you aren’t supposed to do, and he performed it incorrectly. Isn’t that strange? A specialist should know that. On top of that, he supposedly quit his practice 11 days before Michael died, to work with him. When the doctor found him, he performed CPR for an hour, if he didn’t know how to do it, why didn’t he call the paramedics first? 

After placing a call to 9-1-1 at 12:21 p.m., Jackson was treated by paramedics at his home. When the ambulance was coming, the sirens were off, and they entered the premises super slowly. During the 911 call, the caller didn’t mention Michael’s name, wouldn’t the paramedics have come faster if they did? He sounded way too calm on the phone. 

Later, he was pronounced dead at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Official reports say he died of cardiac arrest due to acute propofol intoxication. Doctor Conrad Murray is a cardiologist, yet how come he had no heart defibrillator? The picture that was released to the public that was supposedly taken by paprazzi, is also a fraud. The ambulance had tinted windows, how did they get this clear shot? Also, since when were patients heads placed towards the back of the ambulance? That is a safety risk and liability issue.

"In the last few weeks a large amount of ugly malicious information has been released into the media about me. Apparently, this information was leaked in transcripts from a grand jury preceding, where neither my lawyers nor I ever appeared. The information is disgusting and false." - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was framed, and made fun of in the media after speaking about the Illuminati. At the end of this battle against the accusations of molestation, he was declared innocent on all of the charges against him. Yet, people have continued to spread lies about him. They not only wanted to hurt him emotionally, but also physically. You can see at the end of the video one instance of what they did to his body. Even through all this, he did not give up. 

Michael Jackson: Mk-Ultra Slave exposed