The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

You think Tyler Perry is in the illuminati??

He says he is a Christian after his traumatic childhood, and about the rumors of him promoting homosexuality, he says this: “People with Madea, they have been pastors. So they have preached about my damnation and me going to hell because I’m wearing a dress in this character you know? It really frustrates me. I don’t know one true believe that could look at what I do and not see a anointing that is reaching people that would never go to Church.”

Read this:

It all adds up. Him doing different impersonations of different characters in his movies clearly shows he suffers from multiple personality disorder due to the trauma he faced in his childhood. This might link to MK-Ultra and programming. Because he is friends with Oprah and in the industry, his messages might not be really about God or spreading a Christian message but something more sinister. It’s controversial.!.htm

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