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Ryan Dunn (Solstice sacrifice)

The 34-year-old daredevil was driving his Porsche when it flew over a guardrail on Route 322 in Pennsylvania and crashed into a tree, bursting into flames, at around 3 am today. Source

  • Ryan Dunn was killed on Route 322 (7) or 22+3 is 25. (Devil’s Highway Route 322) (Skull and Bones “Illuminati” society)
  • Jackass’s logo is Skull & Bones. (Sacrificing is in Skull & Bones society)
  • Killed at the beginning of the summer solstice (June 21 – Litha is one of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights)
  •  Burned alive
  • Died around 3 A.M (Satanic ritual)
  • Died 34 years old (3+4=7)
  • Died in is Porshe 911 GT3
  • Born: 6/11/77. Killed 6/20/11. (Difference of 34 years and days) or using numerology: ( 20-11= 9. 77-11=66, which 6/6: Born June, died June. Born on 11th day, died year 11. Date has 20 for 2011. 2011=13; 20+13=33/Masonic)
  • Died driving 130 MPH (2011=13)
  • Bam Margera predicted Ryan’s car crash (Died at 2:30 A.M/5) years before the accident “He’s gonna eat it one of these times [in a car accident].” another Jackass cast member while recording season 5, 2006 added “”I have [Ryan] in the death pool … for death by vehicle”, 5 years ago. Bam was apparently angry and threw stuff around right before the death, and apparently Ryan called him before and said ‘i’m going to drink and drive’, and he didn’t stop him. Robert Ebert tweeted “Friends don’t let jackasses drive”, truth, but the next day he apologized and such, (because he was threatened by the elite)
  • Ryan Dunn had 11 drinks before the car crash.
  • The twitter tweeting typical ritual. Robert Ebert’s last tweet about it is apologizing (sarcastically) but subliminally give you clues: “I don’t know what happened in this case, and I was probably too quick to tweet. That was unseemly. I do know that nobody has any business driving on a public highway at 110 mph, as some estimated — or fast enough, anyway, to leave a highway and fly through 40 yards of trees before crashing. That is especially true if the driver has had three shots and three beers. (6) Two people were killed. What if the car had crashed into another car?”
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    The 34-year-old daredevil was driving his Porsche when it flew over a guardrail on Route 322 in Pennsylvania and crashed...
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