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Michael Jackson: Life of a Monarch Programmed Slave


  1. Michael had his children wear masks in public to ‘protect’ them. Which Michael himself experienced and now was trying to prevent from ever happening to his children.
  2. Michael and his kids weren’t even allowed to see their own faces in a mirror at home. (Mirror programming)
  3. He was sexually abused as a child. BETA/Kitten programming. See here and here
  4. He wasn’t allowed to even use cell phones to call anyone at his home.
  5. He was let by his father to be used by “Older men”, Jermaine Jackson said after these sessions, he was constantly sick after.
  6.  MJ had his own ‘personal magician’ by the name of Majestic Magnificent. (Could this be his personal CIA Monarch mind-control handler?)
  7. He was beaten regularly and his father, Joe Jackson sold him into the industry.
  8. MJ never had a normal childhood, he wasn’t allowed allowed to play with the other kids, and this is why he grew and was locked into childhood.
  9. Trauma based mind control victims get “stuck in time” at some point of the trauma training, Michael was always home most of the time. He didn’t go out in his free time.
  10. MJ hanging the baby over the balcony scene was a form of his shattered mind and different personality. (Doll Programming)
  11. Michael admitted to being deeply involved in the occult. He had his own special room with all the walls full of mirrors, where he lived out his occult practices and called up demons from the spiritual world. (Mirror Programming)
  12. In 1984, MJ had an “accident” which resulted in his scalp being badly burned. This was no “accident” but to get MJ unnecessary medicine so they can be easier to control. (MK Ultra drugs) This event occured during the 6th take.
  13. There’s a Monarch butterfly on his shoulder of the “Dangerous” album.
  14. MJ went to DisneyWorld with child Macaulay Culkin, another Mk slave, shows he never grew up due to the traumatic mind control. Click here
  15. MJ went through WIZARD OF OZ programming. He was the scarecrow. Click here
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