The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

Rapper Bow Wow just came out with a music vid titled 'Sell My Soul'.

"They want me to sell my soul for platinum & gold, but I'm good. Hollywood wants me to be like Will Smith"

Bow Wow is another artist who sold his soul, but regrets it. “I never wanted to be little Bow Wow. That’s not who I really wanted to be. I was molded into that character. I never wanted to be that character, ever. They said, ‘look if you want to get your money, a big house, and and cars like me, I’m going to show you have you have to do it. (Signing that contract). I feel like I sacrificed who I really want to be. With my whole entire career, I’ve been battling and frustrated with. I sacrificed my whole life for this hip-hop. If I could put my “real life” on hold, if I could do it over.” 

His new song “Sell My Soul” depicts just that. Living up to Will Smith, is like being a handler in Hollywood. (Higher power)

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