The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

Was Selena (the famous Spanish american singer in the 90s), was her death a sacrifice to the Illuminati. If you look close into her death and how ti happened and how there is barely any evidence, it all sounds sketchy. Can you perhaps belive she was in it ?

Selena, who was a Jehovah Witness (rampant child sex abuse; typical religion/cult manipulated for Monarch programming), a puppet sold by her father performing since age 9, was shot by her assistant. It was a (possible) triggered DELTA assassination programming. She was an Alpha Monarch slave, and sacrificed at age 23, on the 31st. References: Her second album was called “Alpha” for the basic level of Monarch: Duality/BETA photoshoots, along with usual cheetah print. When her father came into the hospital and the doctors were using blood transfusions, to revive her, he yelled at them not to because of his religion, but it’s definitely some kind of sacrifice in the industry. This is typical with Monarch Slaves programmed since young. You can research “Programmed to kill/Satanic cover up”. Sketchy that 2 weeks before her death, George W. Bush named her birthday “Selena day”. Could he known her upcoming assassination/murder? Usually famous people who have died, in honor are given days of their birthdays. And she did die.  March 31, 1995 or in numbers: 3/31/1995. Add all the numbers together: You get 31. She died on 31. Then add 3+3+1, you get 7, an occult number. Last day of March, 7 days after solstice. Solstice Sacrifice.

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