The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

David Ruffin was punching Tammi Terrell, gave her concussions. While the Funk Brothers was layin’ down the percussion. When Flo from the Supremes died, Diana Ross cried. Many people said that she was laughin’ inside. Larry Troutman killed his brother Roger Troutman. Then he killed himself, that’s the end of Zapp. This is what came from their pain, From their hurt we gain (Blood sacrifices you gain higher wealth), an unfair exchange. John F. Kennedy’s, enemies dealt with treachery. It interests me, Judy Campbell in Gucci sandals, She’s what a temptress be. The death of Ennis Cosby, what a mystery. Or the Chicagoan Harold Washington, Someone is sabotaging them. (The Illuminati killing them)
Nas on many ritual sacrifices, “Blunt Ashes”
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