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Amy Winehouse Joins the Notorious 27 Club


The 27 year old singer was found dead at her home today. The reason for death has not been confirmed yet, but “drug overdose” is the suspected cause. Though how she died might be still a question, we have a clue who exactly was responsible. Joining more than 34 artists in the “27 club”, she was a sacrifice. 

Winehouse was quoted saying, “I have a feeling I’m gonna die young”, in 2008 to her former personal assistant, Alex Haines who’s exact quote was: “She reckoned she would join the 27 Club of rock stars who died at that age. She told me, ”I have a feeling I”m gonna die young.’” December 2008, also the exact year of her Blood Sacrifice art sculpture of her shown dead and shot with blood out of her brains *Monarch Mind Control and a Minnie mouse mask *Mickey Mouse Programming, November 2008. Her sacrifice was planned out 3 years later, and she died 3 days after her last performance. Many artists do a photoshoot or movie that depicts their own death and in that exact way they are dead. In her case, a blood sacrifice art sculpture left her in a blood sacrifice for the 27 Club. She predicted her own death after the photoshoot which is typical: Brittany Murphy, Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Heath Ledger, and many more all knew they were going to die. However she was heavily under mind control and programming at the time of her death. 'Amy said she always knew she'd join the 27 club': The truth about Winehouse's death wish

Amy Winehouse was programmed since birth or rather born into ritual/typical Mk-Ultra abuse. Rehab is another word or code for reprogramming, so yes she was in her programmed alter/state of mind (dissociation) when she died. Found ‘dead’ on 7/23/11, age 27 and 311 days. Obviously masonic 311 stands for 3 x 11 or 33 (degree). Since she is a member of the 27 Club, the amount of days after they turned 27 is important and counted. So exactly on the 311th day after tuning 27 she is dead. The whole date together (7+2+3+1+1) is 14 and 27 (2 x 7) is 14. 7x2=14 3x11=33 or 7x2=14 3+11=14 so 14/14 from the date: (7/2)(3/11) 7/23/11 . Now using the total 14: 14-11 is 3 and 14-3=11. 2011 (2+0+1+1) is 13.  (2+3+1+1)=7 or 7/7. 14/14. Double digits or the same number repeated 77 gives power to the ritual. Add the numbers (7+2+3+11), you get 23 altogether. Add (7+2+3+2+0+11), you get 25 or 7. Artists are known to die on the date 25/age 25 or age 27. This is because 25 in the occult stands for 7 while 27 stands for 9. 7, 9, 11, 13, 23, 25, and 33 are occult numbers which are all used in the date. Her tattoos consists of a bluebird, ruby shoes, lightning. The number 27 is a lunar symbol, for light in darkness or light itself. 27 Club consists of other artists specifically rock who also had problems with drugs, addiction, and substance abuse which led them to death or a ritual sacrifice. Note this. At age 27, there’s the highest brain activity, and then it starts to deteriorate slowly. That’s why it’s called the “Forever 27 Club” or 27 curse. It is linked with Mk-Ultra- living “forever young”. She was a blood sacrifice to Kelly Osbourne (most likely) other conclusions her godchild or her father. R.I.P For more on Amy Winehouse: click here Her body was taken out of her home in a complete, red body bag. Red is the color of ultimate blood sacrifice and a ritual. Time of death: Amy Winehouse was found in her apartment at 4:05 P.M. 4+5=9. She died 27 years 2+7=9. 

Amy Winehouse’s neighbor heard screaming, howling, and drums beating: sounds exactly like a ritual killing around 2 A.M. 


Red body blag, blood sacrifice ritual.

  • Found dead 4:05 P.M (9)
  • Died 27. (9) 27 Club.
  • Screaming, howling, drums beating early morning by her neighbor which he said was completely unlike her, he is certain she died Friday.
  • Carried out in complete red.
  • Died 27 years old and 311 days (33)
  • Blood sacrifice art sculpture with blood and a minnie mouse mask 3 years before her death.
  • Died 3 days after last concert.
  • Told her manager she was going to die early.
  • 7/23/11 (Contains all numerology in date)
  • Unknown cause of death, autopsy fails, inconclusive. (lethal injection) 100% not caused by overdose or drugs for autopsy failed.
  • So she was killed on Friday in a ritual, then her dead body found in her apartment on the exact numerology planned date. If she died Friday, which I believe she did just as her neighbor confirmed noises. she would have died 7/22/11 22+11=33 the same day as the Olso bombing, still masonic either way 311 days 3x11=33. They couldn’t have the death on the exact same day, it’d cause suspicion. So Amy’s death was announced the next day.
  • Drums beating, screaming and howling heard near 3 AM by neighbors, all part of the ritual.

Edit: At the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, MTV dedicated a tribute to Amy Winehouse, celebrating her life and mourning her death. They did the same for Michael Jackson 200(11). 9+11. 8/28/11 (8+2+8=18, 18=9) 9/11.


Different alters;ribbon, pyramid.


All seeing eye and red background, again referencing to a blood sacrifice.


An art sculpture of Amy Winehouse lying dead in a pool of blood, predicting her future outcome blood sacrifice.

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