The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

I have some questions and I really hope you could help:
First, your blog is great and accurate I love it
Well Heidi Montag is a reality star and had plastic surgery done. The year it was completed her plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan was "texting and driving" and ended up driving off the PCH into the ocean and dying. Is this illuminati related?

It may be Heidi Montag’s blood sacrifice, or a DELTA assassination. One of his last tweets:  ”After 25 years of driving by, I finally hiked to the top of the giant sand dune on the pch west of Malibu. Much harder than it looks! Whew!’” 25 years?!? 25 (7). last tweet about his dog. His dog survived the crash but he didn’t? Seems exactly like a sacrifice; he died 4:30 P.M according to the authorities. 4+3=7. The ‘tweeting’ is part of a ritual; for a specific motive Dr.Ryan was wanted dead linking back to Heidi Montag’s surgeries; She blames it on Dr.Ryan for her obsession of plastic surgery and regrets it saying she wishes she can go back and change that. Yes, I am 100% sure that Dr. Ryan knew he was going to die. You don’t just tweet exactly 25 years; in one of your last tweets. 25 years=7 4:30 P.M=7. Died on the 16th (7). 777. Power ritual.

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