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3 AM - Devil’s Hour


"Devils Night is the time when devils and ghosts are thought to be at their most powerful. This hour is typically midnight, and the term may now be used to refer to midnight, or any hour later. The term ‘Witching Hour’ and ‘Devils Night’ can also refer to the period from midnight to 3 AM, while ‘Devils Hour’ refers to the time around 3 AM." -FK

That is why a lot of puppets in the music industry refer to this speicifc hour, for instance, Marshall Mathers song “3 am”. Through out the whole single, in the background the rapper chants “Evil… rise”. It can be heard clearly towards the end. 

This hour is also when many artists are sacrificied, and many rituals take place. People like the recent Ryan Dunn, Nicki Minaj’s cousin, Henry Hyde, and more victims of blood sacrifices. Why? Because these rituals would be pathetic if the elite didn’t have spirits working with them. And these devils are most powerful at this time of night, when it is the darkest.  

There are extra-dimensional beings in which the higher ups work with, when doing rituals or using magick. They are usually hidden, we can’t see them, but they can see us. Demonic spirits, for example Rain Man. They have the power to become visible to us, either in a human form, an animal, or in some famous incidents, dolls (eg. Robert the doll). The reason why people call them “reptilians” is because they think they’re a new human species, but that’s wrong. The only reptilian characteristic about them, is that when they possess a human, the humans eyes look like those of a reptile. Another thing about them is that they are made of fire, and when the human who is possessed by them comes in contact with fire, they don’t get harmed by it. Proof here. The elite not only work with them, but sometimes they let themselves be possessed by them. Note: They can take the form of a human without actual possession, but the texture of their body isn’t the same as ours, it almost looks fake and plastic - their voices differ greatly too. The elite work with these spirits, that’s the reason why they’re obsessed with duality, it’s a reference of our world, and their world. It’s especially shown in their architecture

In Eminem’s music video for 3 AM (analyzed here) there are frames of him standing in between 2 Masonic pillars, on a black and white floor. This portrays a ritual done at 3 A.M.


Eminem isn’t the only artist who mentions the Devil’s hour, a behemothic amount of artists do. To name a few, Poets of the Fall, Matchbox 20, Young Jeezy, and Busted.

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