The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

Marina and the Diamonds sold her soul and is Monarch Programmed.


'Sold my soul' means she sold her soul to the Devil. ‘Changed beyond recognition’ is referring to Project Monarch. ‘Sold out too’ is referring to because she has ‘sold her soul’, she has also sold many records, and got wealth and fame.

"I lived a lot of different lives, Been different people many times.” (Multiple Personalities/Each alter state holds different memories, thus different lives)

Electra Heart is the name of her own tumblr blog, and she describes “Fear and Loathing” as Electra Heart. ‘Electra’ can be referring to Electroshock, importance of her self being electroshocked. For the fan who messaged saying its named after King Agamemnon’s daughter, it has a lot to do with the occult. Alright after researching about this “Electra Heart” she says this is “a vehicle to portray part of the American dream, with elements of Greek tragedy.” Fair Enough. She has posted photos on her blog with labels such as “Electra-cute me” (Electroshock), “Real Fake” (Fake programmed outer shell)3 same pictures of her self in a collage labeling it as “Electra heart complex" meaning the complexity of her alters (Yes back to "Electra" the Argive princess , and the most shocking of all: Drugs/Pills referencing to Mk-Ultra drugs with the label: "Slip inside a Snow White sleep.” Snow White is a Mk-Ultra related Disney movie used in programming, and “Snow White Sleep” means a trance (programmed into sleep/a trance). It’s blatant of her Monarch Programmed history, especially the whole ‘wig’ and ‘fear and loathing’ which starts with “Electra Heart” (Electroshocked Alter), along with the label “Real Fake” symbolizing her fake programmed self.


Fans have also admitted to the fact that she has become a sell out, after her interview with Pop Justice. 

I’ve been working with Dr Luke, Stargate, and I’ve learned SO much. And I’ve done an album - well, it’s nearly done - that’s so exciting and feels like a real album. -Read More

The star has been working with Dr. Luke, who works with other souled out artists like Katy Perry. 

In her song “Oh No”, the singer says, “If you are not very careful, your possessions will possess you, TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal.

This line has much significance because most of society is so very caught up with the illusion of a world celebrities create, they’re addicted to TV and confuse it with reality. She may be directly under mind control, but the rest of the public isn’t so different, since we’re all targets of the subliminal messages they send. You can physically become addicted to TV, and our subconscious minds are always at risk. 


She posted this photo on her blog saying, “Using lies to reveal truth.” The lies is her programmed self, and here she is with silver hair/wig representing Mirror Programming.


She labeled this all seeing eye photo with “I am Electra Heart”, sounds like an alter ego, referencing to her programmed self.

Now onto the actual Fear And Loathing Part 1 by Marina and the Diamonds:

The lyrics tell it all, the video is also symbolic. She calls this song “Electra Heart: The Start “Fear and Loathing” It sounds like the start of that alter ego, and the start of fear and loathing due to programming. She looks at the Mirror (Mirror Programming) as she cuts off her hair, transforming her self to her new self.

"I lived a lot of different lives, Been different people many times. (Multiple personalities) Not everyone is out to screw you over. Don’t want to live in fear and loathing. I want to feel like I am floating (dissociation). Got different people inside my head. I wonder which one that they like best. (Meaning Multiple Alters Inside Her Head, and which one of her alters her handlers like the best). And when the time comes along, and the lights run out, I know when the light will burn out, When they blow me out. (Future sacrifice mention or ‘blow’ which means to conquer/take full control of her when lights are out ‘her feelings/personality’ use her)

It is pretty evident Marina suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. “Diamonds” are also significant in Jewel Programming, and diamond presidential models in Monarchs.

  • Electroshock “Electra-cute me”
  • Multiple personalties
  • Alter ego: “Electra Heart”
  • Wigs
  • Pills “Snow White sleep” Trance 100% programming
  • Mirror Programming
  • Sold her soul

She also labeled one of her pictures as:

He said that girls like me were a diamond dozen.” *Her handler chose her and told she was worth something to be made out of. (Jewel Programming, you pick a jewel, you are told to become like that jewel and receive it in the end)

In her song “Hermit the Frog”, she says this in the lyrics:

They say you used to be so kind
I never knew you had such a dirty mind
Well, I went to the doctors believing
The devil had control over me

She also mentions this in the song:

I can’t help the devil likes to make my heart a double bed
And I can’t help he sometimes like to come and rest his little head


Zebra Print=Split Personality/Duality


BETA Leopard Print

Showing her allegiance to the occult after selling her soul:


All Seeing Eye (Eye of Horus/Lucifer) and Dragon/Baphomet symbol with 2 fingers.


All Seeing Eye and Jewel Programming Status



Baphomet hand signal


All Seeing Eye symbolism.

In a more recent tweet, she admitted to everything saying this:


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