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Insights into Isla Vista Shooter Elliot Rodger

As Isla Vista and the rest of the world come to grips with the mass murder on the streets of the college town last night, there is a steady trickle of information emerging about the madman who killed seven, including himself: 22-year-old Santa Barbara City College student and I.V. resident Elliot Rodger.

Rodger was born in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States when he was 5 years old, living in Woodland Hills and Calabasas, California. His father is Peter Rodger, who was an assistant director on The Hunger Games, a blockbuster film based on a popular young adult novel series about young people who are forced to kill each other for everyone’s entertainment. The elder Rodger also directed a documentary starring Hugh Jackman, Seal, and David Copperfield called Oh My God that questioned the creation and interpretation of a divine spirit.

Insightfully disturbing are the series of 21 “selfie”-type videos he posted on YouTube, including one called “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” that can be viewed at the bottom of this story. In that, he describes the killings that he is planning to carry out just hours before doing so. Many of the videos feature Rodger speaking in a monotone voice (robotic), describing his loneliness and dislike for young couples in love and women who scorn him in general; others feature him driving around Santa Barbara, listening to 1980s pop songs by Whitney Houston, George Michael, and Phil Collins.

On another video, he is looking out from his parents’ balcony in what looks like the Calabasas area, reminiscing about his childhood. “I wish I could be a kid again. Those were the happy years,” he said. “When you hit puberty, life either becomes heaven on earth or a living hell. It all depends on how many girls like you, or if girls like you at all. My life turned into a living hell. No girls liked me, and I hate them all for it.”

Like many others, the tragedy reminds Duarte of the David Attias killings by car that rocked Isla Vista in 2001. Like Rodger, Attias came from a Hollywood family, his father being television director Daniel Attias. Duarte actually had a run-in with the younger Attias one day while walking on State Street, when the killer-to-be barked in his ear. “He scared the hell out of me,” recalled Duarte. “But that cat was completely bonkers. This guy seemed more arrogant, a real arrogant cat.”

From Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara mass shooting suspect, "My Twisted World" manifesto:

"In order to carry this out there must exist a new and powerful type of government under the control of one divine ruler, such as myself. the ruler that establishes this new order(NWO) would have complete control over every aspect of society, in order to direct it towards a good and pure place. at the disposal of this government, there needs to be ah highly trained army of fanatically loyal troops, in order to enforce such revolutionary laws. The first strike against women will be to quarantine all of them in concentration camps. at these camps, the vast majority of the female population will be deliberately starved to death. “ -  Elliot Rodger, mind controlled patsy

Santa Barbara Killings. Satan is coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism: “People are actually possessed to do this. All the way back to the Columbine. They know the spiritual things going on. This man was saying as if Satan is warning us that he’s coming to attack the woman/church of God. In this video, he claims he will be as God and he’s going to make everyone worship him. This is Satan talking through this man.”

Sackcloth&ashes The Serpent King & The Division Of Israel

2014 Isla Vista massacre: “He then started shooting. Two members of the sorority Delta Delta Delta (by a Delta Programmed mind controlled patsy)were killed and a third wounded while walking on the sidewalk. Prior to this, the attacker approached the sorority house doorway and knocked on it for a few minutes, but focused on the Delta Delta Delta members instead after no one answered. He then continued firing at pedestrians on the sidewalk, hitting several, including a woman that was injured in the leg at a 7-Eleven convenience store, and also struck a bicyclist and a skateboarder with his car. His psychiatrist was later named as Dr. Charles Sophy (-handler who counseled “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Taylor Armstrong and her husband, Russell, before Russell Armstrong committed suicide) in his manifesto.”

UCSB Shooter Elliot Rodger Refused His Psychiatric Medicines, His Parents Now In Hiding: “It seemed that Elliot suffered from extreme paranoia and heard voices (alters/possession), but it was impossible to properly diagnose because he just wouldn’t talk. Having been prescribed psychiatric medication, Elliot refused to take it. Before moving from L.A. to Santa Barbara, he had been seeing a mental health professional for years, and his parents got a team of doctors for him to continue to see after his move.”

Santa Barbara Shooter Elliot Rodger Raises MK-Ultra Red Flags: “I think he was talking to somebody while he’s video talking. It’s very scripted, very Hollywood, very tragic.”

Illuminati symbolism and Psy Ops of Elliott Rodger & the Hunger Games

​Isla Vista shooting witness: “I looked into his eyes”

Isla Vista shooting victim Christopher’s father: ‘When will this insanity stop?’: “Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights. What about Chris’ right to live? When will this insanity stop?When will enough people say, ‘Stop this madness.’ We do not have to live like this. Too many people have died. We should say to ourselves, ‘not one more.’ (gun control agenda)”

7 Dead at Yet Another Mass Shooting at the Isla Vista Area of UC Santa Barbara

Isla Vista Shooting Update — Another False Flag

California Mass Shooting False Flag Style, Witnesses Saw Second Suspect, Law Enforcement Ignores Claims

Multiple Witnesses Say ‘2 Men Were In BMW’ During Shooting

Proof of ‘Mystery Man’ Shooter Inside BMW with Elliot Rodger

Santa Barbara Shooting Is The Lamest Hoax 

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

Santa Barbara Drive-By Mass Shooting Hoax Exposed

Santa Barbara Hoax Pathetic Actor Father Exposed Fake Crying

Santa Barbara Shooting Conspiracy Theory Exposed

100% Proof Santa Barbara drive-by Shooting is a Hoax

Proof Glass arrived before police Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

Hollywood drive-by Shooting Hoax

Santa Barbara Shooting - Gay Elliot Rodger Rehearsing/Acting

Elliot Rodger’s Mass Shooting Hoax Connects to Young Turks

Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger, son of ‘Hunger Games’ assistant director

Elliot Rodger And The Hunger Games Connection = Hollywood Mind Control

Inside the privileged life of Hunger Games director’s son before he became the ‘virgin killer: “Rodger flew first class from Los Angeles to London in 2012 and posted pictures of his in-flight experience. He flew Virgin. His father is Peter Rodger, a top Hollywood honcho, who served as assistant director for The Hunger Games. His grandfather, George Rodger, was a legend in the photography world who was a founding member of Magnum Photos. Peter married Akaaboune, a French-Moroccan actress who stars in the French version of the Real Housewives. She recently had roles in 2013’s Lovelace and the 2012 film Playing for Keeps.”

Santa Barbara Police Face Internal Investigation As It’s Revealed Cops Had Three Bizarre Encounters With Elliot Rodger Over The Last Year

Isla Vista and Brussels Shootings

Gun control

Other Mind Controlled Patsies: Miriam Carey, Aaron Alexis, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Paul Ciancia, etc. openly claimed they were being stalked by government officials
23-year-old LA man is suspect in airport shooting that kills TSA officer

Los Angeles (CNN) — A man armed with what police say was an assault rifle and carrying materials expressing anti-government sentiment opened fire Friday morning at Los Angeles International Airport, killing one person before being chased down himself, authorities said.

The shooting began at 9:20 a.m. PT, when the suspect pulled an “assault rifle” out of a bag and opened fire in LAX Terminal 3 (LAX address: 1 World Way, Los Angeles (New World Order/One World agenda/city of fallen angels).

Eyewitnesses said the suspect asked people, “Hey, are you TSA?” — the acronym for the Transportation Security Administration — according to a federal law enforcement official. If they said “no,” he would move on.

In the aftermath of the shooting, investigators found information on the suspect expressing not just anti-federal government sentiment but also anger at the TSA specifically, according to the federal law enforcement official.

By then, a TSA officer was dead — the first employee of that relatively new agency to be killed in the line of duty, according to American Federation of Government Employees president J. David Cox. At least one other TSA employee had been shot in the leg, according to a former Los Angeles Police Department ranking officer who was briefed by investigators.

He was identified later by the FBI as Paul Anthony Ciancia (CIA/CIA), a 23-year-old from Los Angeles. Law enforcement sources told CNN that, in addition to the southern California city, the suspect also had an address in New Jersey (Hook Road/Sandy Hook ref.).

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center said that, hours after the incident, it received three male victims — one in critical condition and two in fair condition. One of the two in fair condition suffered gunshot wounds, another suffered an unspecified injury, said Dr. Lynne McCullough, an emergency physician at the Los Angeles hospital.

Two patients were transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, said David Klurad, a trauma surgeon there.

One was what Klurad described as a “middle-aged” person with minor injuries from being shot in the shoulder. The other had no signs of life when he arrived at the hospital, the surgeon added. It wasn’t known if this person was the slain TSA officer.

The episode caused what airport police Chief Patrick Gannon, who had said the shooter used an “assault rifle,” described as a “large amount of chaos.” People ran for their lives and took shelter wherever they could as authorities pursued the gunman.

Chuck Ocheret was among those in the busy airport when he heard two “loud pops.”

"Then I heard this mad rush of people, and there was a stampede of people coming from this direction," Ocheret told CNN. "Nobody really knew what was going on."

Ben Rosen was sitting at the Starbucks eating oatmeal when he heard gunfire erupt and people start running in all directions and others crouching on the ground. “It was scary. I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” he said. “I definitely felt underprepared. In retrospect, you have all these fire drills in school but you don’t really have gunman drills.” Police showed up with their guns drawn, shouting, “This is not a drill! Hands up!”

Still, by Friday afternoon, authorities indicated the worst should be over. Gannon noted it is believed there was only one shooter.

LAX Airport Map Shown On Gotham City Map Just like Other False Flags: Sandy Hook, Navy Yard, and Aurora shootings

LAX Shooting on Crescent Moon Death Day 11/1/13: “Did you know that four mass shootings have occurred on dates associated with the Batman movie, and that all three of these shootings occurred on a Friday, and a day of a crescent moon?”

11 Celebrities Who Are Stuck At LAX: The original Catwoman (Batman), Julie Newmar

LAX Airport Shooting Days After Urban Shield Drill, False Flag

Police hold active shooter drill at L.A. International Airport

LAX Shooting False Flag Drill Confirmed 3 Weeks Ago

LAX address: 1 World Way, Los Angeles (New World Order/One World agenda)

Ciancia Named Suspect in LAX Killing of TSA Agent; Cianan Is Name of JFK Suspect: ”The alleged November 1st LAX airport shooter’s name is Paul Anthony Ciancia. The alleged October 26th JFK airport gunman’s name is Keenan Draughon, with Keenan being another form of Cianán. They were both 23 years old!”

Paul Anthony Ciancia/Pull Another CIA and CIA ID’ed as Suspect in LAX Shooting: looks Mind Controlled, one eye shows signs of trauma, drugged

LA PD Informant says LAX was False Flag: “The former military officer told that his source within the LA Police Department related to him that the LAX shooting was, in fact, a staged event. The LA Police source then reportedly told our source, “It is all BS to attack the second amendment!”“

LAX security officer bled for 33 minutes as help stood by, report says

LAX Shooting Is A False Flag Attack

LAX shooting another false flag event

LAX False Flag Shooting Eye Witnesslax False Flag Shooting Eye Witness

LAX Shooting Dummy - 100% Proof Of Hoax - LAX False Flag

EXIF Data Exposes LAX Shooting As Hoax: “Fake, bright blood”

LAX Hoax - No HD Surveillance Camera footage released and Ciancia Dressed in 3 Different Outifts

Same Crisis Actor Interviewed At LAX Shooting And 9/11 Twin Towers: “The actor does the Illuminati all-seeing-eye hand sign like other actors at the Sandy Hook false flag..”

LAX False Flag: Nick Pugh “Eyewitness” Released -NO ID, NO Ticket, Running Away Alone

LAX Psyop - Star Eyewitness Nick Pugh is a TED Talk speaker

"LAX TSA Shooting" Crisis Actor Castmember - "Alex"

Witness of the LAX shooting describes being barricaded

LAX False Flag Shooting Hoax Exposed

LAX Airport Shooting Hoax

LAX shooting prompts renewed focus on AR-15 class rifles used in other false flags: “Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, Navy Yard shooting, LAX shooting”

'Mythbusters' stars inside LAX shooting: 'It was like my worst nightmare': “We were sitting at Gate 33, right around corner of gate 36. All of a sudden we heard gunshot. We were trapped at Gate 33.”

LAX Airport Chaos Shooting . CIA Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. The Betrayal of the USA

NJ police: LAX shooting suspect sent suicidal text: “The suspect’s father has been involved with Pennsville’s Fraternal Order of Police, said Pagan's father, Orlando, a lieutenant in nearby Penns Grove. He didn't provide details on his involvement.”

TSA Agent Source of LAX Shooting

TSA Agent Killed, LAX Shooting Full Press Conference: “We practiced this (Drill), not more than 3 weeks ago. We practiced the EXACT scenario that played out today.”

LA Times: police officers were cut from permanent positions at LAX months before the shooting

LAX Shooting Staged/False Flag L.A. Police Chief Interview Fail as he admits set-up

Urban Shield Turns Into Live False Flag Event

Urban Shield 2013 Goes Live

LAX Shooting - Gun Grabbing Propaganda Already in Progress

Transportation Security Administration attempting to Arm TSA Workers

Sparks Middle School Nevada Shooting.Michael Stood Up. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism

Nevada and Danvers Math teacher Killings . Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. The End of the Age

Nevada School Shooting is a Hoax

They Are Killing Math Teachers

Sparks Middle School Memorial: “Our Batman

Teacher and Gunman Die in Sparks School Shootings

At least 13 dead in Navy Yard shooting; possible suspect at large

At least 13 people are dead and several others were wounded after a shooter opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, police said, spreading fear and chaos across the region as authorities sought to contain the panic.

The incident, in which the death toll rose almost hourly, represents the single worst loss of life in the District since an airliner plunged into the Potomac River in 1982, killing 78.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier and Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced the mounting number of casualties in a series of news conferences. The suspected shooter, identified by the FBI as Aaron Alexis, 34, from Forth Worth, Texas, is among the 13 dead. Alexis was a military contractor, one official said.

Gray said no motive is known yet. He said there is no reason to believe it was an act of terrorism, though he added that he could not rule it out.

Lanier described the other possible suspect, who has not been located, as a black man in his 40s with gray sideburns, wearing an olive-drab military-style uniform. He, and the man who was cleared, came under suspicion when they were seen on surveillance videos.

Alexis grew up in Brooklyn with his mother, Sarah, and father, Anthony Alexis, according to his aunt Helen Weeks.

“We haven’t seen him for years,” Weeks said of her nephew in a telephone interview. “I know he was in the military. He served abroad. I think he was doing some kind of computer work.”

Alexis spent nearly four years in the Navy as a full-time reservist from May 2007 until he was discharged in January 2011, according to a summary of his personnel records released by Navy officials at the Pentagon.

He achieved his final rank of Aviation Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class in December 2009. Officials said they did not immediately know the reasons for his discharge.

The carnage began around 8 p.m. when the U.S. Navy said that three shots were fired at Building 197, headquaters of the Naval Sea Systems Command. About 3,000 people work in the building.

Rick Mason, a program management analyst who is a civilian with the U.S. Navy, told the Associated Press that a gunman was shooting from a fourth floor overlook in the hallway outside his office. He said the gunman was aiming at people in the building’s first floor cafeteria.

“He didn’t say a word,” said her co-worker, Todd Brundage.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Map Mirrors Layout Of Navy Yard False Flag Shooting And District Of Columbia Aka Washington Dc

Another Drill Gone Live like Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing: from USA Today, 9/16: “Dave Sarr, an environmental engineer, was walking down a nearby street when he saw people running from the Navy Yard. Sarr had seen an evacuation drill a few days earlier at the Navy Yard. “At first I thought it was another drill,” Sarr said. “Then I saw an officer with his weapon drawn.”

Navy Yard Witnesses Describe a Drill, Not a “Shotgun Attack”

Navy Yard shooter spotted in Boston bombing pic of the Tsarnaev brothers surveillance pic!

Same ATF Team in Boston Bombing Sent to Navy Yard

NCIS Navy Yard Attack Episode: Predictive Programming

Report on Navy Yard Shooting published the night before it happened

3 Articles Posted Day Before D.C. Navy Yard Shooting

Another Staged Attack?

SWAT Team Told to “Stand Down” at Navy Yard Shooting!

Washington Navy Yard Shooting . The Betrayal. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism

Navy Yard shooter reported hearing voices 6 weeks before spree

Signs of Mental Illness Seen in Navy Gunman for Decade

Mysterious etchings found on Navy Yard shooter’s gun: “Better off this way/My ELF weapon”ELF Waves – Mass Mind Control

Were ELF waves used to trigger Aaron Alexis to go on a rampage?

D.C. Shooter Carved Messages Into Shotgun! Was He Mind Controlled by ELF?

FBI releases video of ‘delusional’ Navy Yard shooter

"Are We Gonna Have Daily Inspections Of People To See If They’re Psychologically Alright? (mind controlled)" 

Aaron Alexis: Washington navy yard gunman ‘obsessed with violent video games’ like Adam Lanza

DC shooter Aaron Alexis, a “paranoid schizophrenic” hearing “voices” or a MK-Ultra asset?

MK-ULTRA? Patsy? Aaron Alexis’ portrait: painted for gun control

Aaron Alexis (mind controlled)…just like Adam Lanza and James Holmes

Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aaron Alexis’ Employer Was High Wired

Navy Yard Shooting Fake Witness Exposed: While Active Shooter Still Inside

NBC justice correspondent shapeshifting while talking about DC Navy yard shooting

The Naval Yard Shooting and the #16 Ritual Code

D.C. Shooting - Shelter in Place, Dead Suspect Pic, Crisis Actors & DHS Active Shooter Drill!

Busted! Proof of Crisis Actors at D.C. Navy Yard False Flag Shooting

False Flag Shooting at D.C. Navy Yard!

Navy Yard False Flag Exposed

DC Rampage False Flag For Gun Control

Carney: Obama Implementing Executive Actions Following Navy Yard Shooting

Citing shootings, Obama says must ‘go back at’ gun-control push

The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people…as long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.
Adolf Hitler
Obama makes biggest gun-control push in decades

President Barack Obama launched the biggest U.S. gun-control push in generations on Wednesday, urging Congress to approve an assault weapons ban and background checks for all gun buyers to prevent mass shootings like the Newtown school massacre.

Rolling out a wide-ranging plan for executive and legislative action to curb gun violence, Obama set up a fierce clash with the powerful U.S. gun lobby and its supporters in Congress, who will resist what they see as an encroachment on constitutionally protected gun rights.

Obama presented his agenda at a White House event in front of an audience that included relatives of some of the 20 first graders who were killed along with six adults by a gunman on December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

His plan calls on Congress to renew a prohibition on assault weapons sales that expired in 2004, require criminal background checks on all gun purchases, including closing a loophole for gun show sales, and pass a new federal gun trafficking law - long sought by big-city mayors to keep out-of-state guns off their streets.

He also announced 23 steps he intends to take immediately without congressional approval. These include improving the existing system for background checks, lifting the ban on federal research on gun violence, putting more counselors and “resource officers” in schools and better access to mental health services.

The most contentious piece of the package is Obama’s call for a renewed ban on military-style assault weapons, a move that is unlikely to win approval because Republicans who control the House of Representatives are expected to oppose it.

The Newtown gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, used a Bushmaster AR-15 type assault rifle to shoot his victims, most of them 6- and 7-year-olds, before killing himself.

Law enforcement experts have noted, however, that the tighter background checks that Obama is proposing would not have prevented the Connecticut school massacre because the gunman’s weapon was purchased legally by his mother.

Administration officials sketched out legislative goals in a conference call with reporters but offered no draft legislation or any clear explanation of how they would overcome the hurdles. They said the list of executive actions would cost $500 million in the federal budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

With gun ownership rights enshrined in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, gun restrictions have long been a divisive - and risky - issue in American politics.

Obama acknowledged the political challenges but made clear he is prepared to take on the NRA, despite its support among Republicans and significant backing among Democrats.

He warned that opponents of his effort would try to “gin up fear” and urged lawmakers to put children’s safety above getting an ‘A’ grade from the gun lobby that supports their campaign.”