The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the comedian is the only thing that makes sense. Do you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet. Peace based on a lie. We’re all puppets. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings. There is good and there is evil, and evil must be punished. From then on I knew… God doesn’t make the world this way. We do.
But our people - they chose to do away with all of them. They created sameness (one world). We’ve been told the chief elder knew everything. Things no one else did. But I had learned that knowing what something is is not the same as knowing how something feels. Be curious. I got lost, the good kind of lost. This was forbidden? I didn’t know what to think, what to believe. Have faith, the Giver told me. He said faith - that was seeing beyond. He compared it to the wind - something felt, but not seen. Don’t except what is the truth just because it’s coming from someone you respect. Memories are not just about the past, they determine our future. You can change things. You can make things better. It was life, it just seemed more complete. Because if you can’t feel - what’s the point? The triangle of rocks, it’s real, what’s past there - the boundary of memory. What do you think would happen if you chose not to be injected? There is something wrong. Everything is wrong. Skip your injections, put the apple (forbidden fruit) over the sensor, it’ll think it’s your hand (mark of the beast). I wish I had been there when the memories returned. They were the Truth. The elders and their rules were the lie. It was real, from far behind me, from the place that I left. Perhaps it was only an echo. But it was enough. It would lead us all home.
The Giver: movie
Everything is connected. We are living a life of shadows, of echoes, of whispers of what once made us real. With love comes faith and hope. Faith is seeing beyond.
The Giver: movie
I’m sure you’re wondering why the United States government (control mind) would be so interested in what appears to be a record company. Well, I’m about to show you why. From this command center, we control the most influential demographic of the population. We turn your world into one giant TV commercial. But how, you may ask, can our operation be so effective? Sure these kids have brains like play dough, just waiting to be molded into shape, but something else must be going on, right? For years the government has been wisely coercing teenagers to buy products they normally wouldn’t want. That’s why the government has been planting small subliminal advertising suggestions in today’s music. How can you control the bands? What if they find out about the hidden messages in their music? Ever wonder why so many stars die in plane crashes? Overdosed on drugs? We’ve been doing this a long time. If they start to get too curious, our options are endless. Bankruptcies… shocking scandals… religious conversions! They’re trying to create an army of mindless teenagers, to make them buy things and even control their thoughts. That’s because they’re mindless drones who will gobble up anything you tell them is cool. You’re a real free thinker, aren’t you? A real non-conformist. This is what they’re really hearing. Conform. Free will is overrated. Jump on the bandwagon. We found that subliminal messages work much better in movies.
Josie and the Pussycats: movie
SWAT team moves in, fire engulfs cabin where Dorner believed to be

Smoke rises a fire at the cabin where accused triple murderer Christopher Dorner is believed to be holed up in mountains above Los Angeles, February 13, 2013.

Four people have died as the result of fired 33-year-old Christopher Jordan Dorner’s alleged killing spree. Tuesday afternoon, Dorner was holed up in a burning cabin in the woods near Big Bear Lake.

Fugitive ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, whose alleged murder spree began with the shooting death of the daughter of a police union lawyer who defended him in an internal investigation, re-surfaced Tuesday in a stolen white pickup truck in the San Bernardino Mountains.

"Enough is enough. It’s time for you to turn yourself in. It’s time to stop the bloodshed,” LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said earlier in the day at a news conference held outside police headquarters in Los Angeles.

He said he would get even with those who wronged him as part of his plan to reclaim his good name. “You’re going to see what a whistleblower can do when you take everything from him especially his name.” the rant said. “You have awoken a sleeping giant.”

The cabin continued to burn more than 90 minutes after the fire started, but sources familiar with the operation said the fire department would arrive at the site once the road was cleared.

As the manhunt appeared to reach a crisis point - with two law enforcement officers dead and flames leaping from a cabin where Dorner had holed up in the woods - we take a look at the numbers in the case so far.

11: Days that have passed since the manhunt for Dorner began, starting with a shooting of Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence in Irvine on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, and ending Tuesday, as he was barricaded in a cabin in the mountains.

These people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. That you are a slave, like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

The Matrix

Well, it’s embarrassing to be a star. Most people look at you like, “That’s not a fucking job, is it?” And then on top of that, you learn very quickly that you’re just a tool — other people are manipulating everything you do, you’re at the mercy of editors, and there’s nothing you can do.
Christian Bale

Charlize Theron & Kristen Stewart showing the all-seeing-eye symbolism.

A caterpillar turns into a butterfly. If a mindless insect can do it, why couldn’t I?
from The Titanic