The Illuminati is real, and it's everywhere.

Rain Man is a suspected demonic spirit. Go to google type in “rain man lyrics” and see how much songs appear. The name “Rain man” appears in songs of all genres, from this decade and decades before, so it couldn’t be just a trend.

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Illuminati by Fatboy Slim ft. Bootsy Collins

For the people that think that secret societies don’t exist then 

Give us proof, otherwise you’re committing the “Appeal to ignorance” fallacy. In other words your argument is invalid. 

This is one of the songs where you don’t have to see the supposed evil lyrics to hear it. You’ll hear it and automatically know the message without no one telling you, and it sounds perfectly clear. This is scary.

The minute Diane says ‘Spasm’, Britney shifts in her chair. Anyone with half a brain can tell that it’s an alter appearing at the point where she says ‘oh hello’ - watch her mannerisms, it’s like she’s seeing Diane & the crew for the first time at that very minute. A hell of a lot of people need to wake up if the world has any hope.”

Don’t believe it? Search about MK-ultra or Monarch Programming.