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Newsweek Makes It Official: Obama’s Inauguration Is ‘The Second Coming’


All-Seeing-Eye symbolism

Conservatives have long joked that the national press corps see Barack Obama as the second coming of Jesus Christ. Today, Newsweek – at least what’s left of it, an online product for tablets and e-readers – made it official.

It’s an article by long-time Newsweek veteran Evan Thomas, who left the magazine after Tina Brown took over from the Washington Post Company and folded the debt-ridden publication into her Daily Beast site.

Linking God and Obama isn’t new for Thomas, once an Assistant Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief for the former weekly.

Back in June of 2009, naturally on MSNBC, Thomas asserted: “In a way, Obama’s standing above the country, above — above the world. He’s sort of God (antichrist). He’s going to bring all different sides together.”

"The New Global Elite" = "The New World Order"

"The New Global Elite" = "The New World Order"